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Dragon's Tear Tavern
Some great things coming to #Landmark very soon * health, armor, combat, monsters * different weapon types with right/left click attacks * new objects permit PvP combat and game types * interactive objects (teleporters, flingers and moving platforms) Awesome progress updates and demos of #EverQuestNext races, classes and skills. These two games are really coming along. The keynote (linked) is a must see if you play!
Landmark SOELive 2014 Keynote [OFFICIAL]
Landmark SOELive 2014 Keynote [OFFICIAL]
2014-08-16 20:50:29
Dragon's Tear Tavern
Dave "Smokejumper" opens the #SOE #Landmark keynote. We'll be posting througout the day as we represent DTT at #SOELive
2014-08-15 16:12:44

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