Dominion Board GameName:             Dominion

Release Date:   2008

Developer:       Rio Grande Games

Players:           2-4

Playing Time:   30 minutes

Description:  Dominion is a deck-building card game in which the players compete to gather the most valuable deck of cards, representing their Kingdom.

There are five main classes of cards:

  • Victory cards, which have a Victory Point value that is tallied at the end of the game, but generally have no value during the game.
  • Curse cards, which are like Victory cards, but have a negative Victory Point value that counts against the player at the end of the game.
  • Treasure cards, played during the Buy Phase, which generate Coins (and sometimes have other effects).
  • Action cards generate effects during a player's turn, allowing that player to gain more cards, Coins, Buys, Actions, or get rid of cards, or may affect other players in the game. Some action cards have further subtypes: Attack cards negatively affect other players, and Duration cards affect future turns by the player.
  • Reaction cards, which can be triggered out of turn in response to a certain event, such as other players' Attacks.

The game's main strategy is to strive to have hands that provide 8 coins for which to purchase a Province card; this often results from creating Action card chains, using cards that grant additional actions and benefits to build one's available coins to 8 or more. The game's strategy is also one where the players must balance effective deck building to reach this coin goal with the acquisition of Victory cards to win the game; Victory cards have little value during most of the game, and dilute a player's deck of Treasure and Action cards, clogging up their draws.

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