"Your walking down a dark, damp corridor. Your leather boots absorbing the sounds of your footfalls as you slowly make your way toward the lit room. You approach just close enough to overhear mumbling from the room's occupants. You inch closer to make out what they are saying, but suddenly a stone in the floor shifts under your foot. You have sprung a trap! Roll a save verses poison as the steel dart fires out of a small hole in the wall and sticks into your leg."

If you have been fortunate to be apart of a pen & paper game, you have been mesmerized by the story that is being told around your character. Your actions are limited only to your imagination, and the occasional role of the dice. You have celebrated success against insurmountable odds and suffered defeat at the hands of a powerful creature.

Pen & paper games are the origins of the modern Role Playing Games (RPGs) that have influenced computer game design and movies.  Normally led by a Game Master (GM), statistics about each character are written on a character sheet and the story is realized and acted out in the players mind.